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Listen carefully to the name of the platform: AsianMelodies. Such a name immediately sets us up for the emotion of love, intrigue and something warm. This website is for those who can love beautifully. The platform provides its users with flawless navigation and an excellent atmosphere. Thanks to that, hundreds of people met their soulmates on International connections are built so carefully that some of the couples already can call themselves “husband and wife.” Isn’t it fantastic?

Asian beauties have always been a golden model for women all over the world because they are devoted and good wives. That’s why western men on the platform are usually very impressed.

About AsianMelodies

The site offers you not only a variety of quality profiles; it also allows you to harmonize your relationships and establish your personal perception of love. The platform enables you to break international borders and fall in love with a person from another corner of the world.

Over the centuries, the Asian poets had been eulogizing the beauty of their women – and guess what? On you can meet those gorgeous women by your eyes and what’s more – start your own beautiful ‘love-story.’

The whole design of the website is very cute and “convenient for eyes.” The profiles are placed very carefully in the center. All the necessary information is visible.

If you got any problems: big or small, you can always contact the support group and they, like superheroes, will solve your problem in seconds. But actually, there is no confusing stuff on the website and users understand everything from the first step. The real experts in the dating field work there and a lot of happy couples can give only positive feedbacks about that platform.

Easy to Use

Simplicity is a sign of talent, so this platform makes everything as simple as possible in order not to bring difficulties in users` life. For the registration, you just need to type your e-mail and password and also have your credit card valid. There are no tricks on the main page to be stuck in, so you can quickly move forward.

Also, do not forget to identify your likes and dislikes about your future partner. For some people, it seems funny to write various metaphors about what should the person of your dream be like, how they’re supposed to look at the world and stuff, but actually, such things truly matter in the frames of matching. You do not want to make a mistake on your first step and go the wrong way with your choice, so treat that “questionnaire about your future partner” like one of the most important things in your life. And do not be afraid to share some personal information in order to find a touch point with a woman who is so similar to you!


You need to specify your occupation, planning on children and even bad habits. You can skip any question you want, but remember: you are in charge of your love story! Ease of filling is that all items are already written for you, you don’t need to make up anything. Just fill in the answer cells you want and you are on the next level to searching for love, hey-ho!

After you registered, be ready to bloom! You are going to receive a lot of messages from new girls, but do not be afraid of being picky: you have a choice of your future love in front of you.

As far as the registration is only the first step, the second one will be making a connection, friendly, close or intimate between two of you. Someone would say it is hard to do online. Let me argue! Here it goes even easier and smoother.

Profile Quality

On this platform, you can find a whole ocean of quality and eye-catching profiles. A great number of profiles of charming Asian girls are ready to charm you, “get under your skin” and become your new love-story. is not just about meeting new people and dating. It is also about sharing the culture, falling in love through traditions and having a special approach to the word “love.”

We all know that Asian girls have a noble presentation of themselves and a really neat perception of love, so women who you can find on the website are not that type of people who can just flirt with you for some time and then disappear. Their approach to love is serious and sophisticated, so men are expected to be not less serious in this matter as well. It does not mean you can’t joke about everything in the world, but do not be frivolous while promising something.

In general, profiles have really quality photos and women attract sincere smiles or relevant info on their pages. That is actually why the platform is a great choice and men’s review impress with satisfaction. So do not miss the chance to build a connection with someone from another corner of the world. This connection can turn into something more.


When you first register on the site where you, in fact, are “thrown” before the paths of choice, it is very important to take care of your security and safety. agrees with it 100% and offers to its user’s good protection they can get. The information about the website’s safety is always open to users. Moreover, any updates that have been made are reflected on the safety page immediately. If you don’t even know how the site works, you can contact the support group and get the things explained.

The site does not tolerate any scam and when users complain about some actions, the platform tries to solve it. The scam-protection policy on the platform is clear and all users can easily see what is going on. But! If you have any potential danger from the person asking for money or see scammers` attempts to use your personal information, do not hesitate to contact the support team and tell them every detail of what happened.

All information on profiles are checked and double-checked. The moderators of the platform verify every female account and make sure that nobody has a right to do something for money and so on.

Prices and Communication Options

The pricing on is similar to other websites. It is always standard and stable. You need to use your real money to buy a certain amount of credits for getting different options on the site. They can be both basic options and advanced features. Yes, is not the cheapest, but you always know what you pay for. Take a look at the following prices:

  • 50 credits – $19.99
  • 125 credits – $44.99
  • 250 credits – $69.99
  • 750 credits – $149.99

By purchasing new credits, you can level up your opportunities that will positively affect communication with the girl. Credits on your account allow you to send your woman flowers, gifts, view profiles of women who liked your photos, contact somebody and organize your trip to the country where your love lives. Money can’t buy love but can buy a way to find your love. Probably, not everybody can allow using some options because of their price, but it’s another protection from the scam. Sometimes scammers will not move forward without paying, and we all know, they’ll not pay.

Pros and Cons


  • The efficiency of the search;
  • Huge database;
  • Convenient design;
  • Adequate prices;
  • Easy use;
  • Quality and verified girls profiles;
  • Cultural exchange;
  • International connections.


  • Presents are not delivered immediately;
  • A lot of messages from girls after registration so sometimes you don’t have time to respond to all of them.


This platform is special from all sides. Firstly, it allows you to meet many beautiful and unforgettable girls and make connections across the world. Secondly, you can try an advanced online dating platform and find your love in minutes. Thirdly, you can make your dream come true and start a love story that millions can envy.

You should never doubt that everything is possible, and finding a girl of your dream in the 21st century is easier than ever. If earlier you had to go far away, look for a shoe for a princess, sing serenades and send letters by pigeons, now you can do everything much easier, but no less romantic. is for those who know the value of love and are not afraid to take responsibility for making love tale on their shoulders.

Asian beauty, wonderful profiles, romantic atmosphere – these are the words that perfectly describe the platform. Pricing is fair, no fraud can be met and anti-scam policy works better than police on the streets of New York. As it’s said “Good things take time” and love is among them. So take time for your love and sign up on No one has ever regretted it, so wouldn’t you.